An online office suite with Java dependency


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Excellent interface, easy to find & use features.
Very slow, tends to lag when clicking any options.

Our Review:

ThinkFree Online is a cloud office productivity suite. The first thing I found when trying to register for ThinkFree was the difficulty of finding the login & registration screens. Upon registration, the initial interface was quite warm and inviting, creating a document was harmless but due to the interface being Java based, there were a few security prompts.

When getting into the nuts & bolts, the interface was fantastic. To the untrained eye, it could easily be mistaken for an actual desktop application than a cloud. Unfortunately due to it's Java dependency, it seemed to run slow and continually load each .jar part when hovering over or clicking anything. This eventually subsides on previously accessed options but happens every login, it can sometimes take a few seconds from click to load.

The three main applications found are:

  1. Write, a word processing application similar to the Microsoft Office 2003 interface. As with all the others, it can natively import all the doc, docx, txt, dot, htm & xml formats expected with an online office application.
  2. Calc, a spreadsheet application again similar to the Microsoft Office 2003 interface. Calc can import xls, xlsx, xlt, csv, xml, txt & htm. Import formatting and formulas are retained nicely upon import.
  3. Show, a presentation application with the ability to import ppt, pptx, pps & ppsx.

Everything considered, ThinkFree Online is an excellent representation of what is possible with a cloud suite. If it weren't for the constant loading and stability issues this would win the best award in it's class.

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