Think Of It As Your Own Personal Twitter Or Facebook Clone


One of the internet's great strengths is allowing groups of people to collaborate and communicate across time and geographical boundaries.  Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are great, but sometimes they're too social.  Maybe you'd prefer your own closed, private space on a system which worked in a similar way to other established social networks but which was only open to those whom you specifically invite.  Family members, perhaps, or your social circle, or those in your company or department.

If this sounds like your idea of something useful, then Slack is the system for you.  It's an online social network, along the lines of Twitter or Facebook, that allows you to post messages, create channels of related information, attach files such as documents and video, and much more.  It's web-based, so you can access it from anywhere and there's no software to download.  Though there are also smartphone apps available if you want to be available all the time.

Not only is Slack really easy to use, it's also free forever for unlimited numbers of users.  So if you need to work together with people online, and you need a change from email, check out for more.



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Does this have chat as well? I hate to have to use skype as well and with all the organisation systems I've found so far, you do have to.