This Is The Text Editor That I Use Every Day.


EMmEditorWord processors are great, but sometimes only a text editor will do. Maybe you're looking at a Windows batch file, or a large log file, or HTML code, or a file whose format you don't actually know.

Windows has always been supplied with a bundled text editor as standard. First came Notepad, and then an improved version called WordPad. And if you don't like either of those (which I don't, mainly because they're so slow), there are plenty of alternatives available for download.

My favourite is called EmEditor. It's the one I use all the time, mainly because it's so fast at loading, navigating and searching large files. Although it's a commercial product, starting at around $40 per year, it's also available in a free version that contains most of the paid-for features. And since I last wrote about EmEditor, it's been through a couple of major revisions so that some editing and searching tasks are now 16 times faster than they were.

If you use EmEditor, go and get the latest version. If you've never tried it, please do. You'll find the download at and it's around 10 MB. The site is rated as reputable by Web of Trust, and VirusTotal detects no malware.

When you install EmEditor, you'll start a 30-day trial of the full version. Before the trial expires, you can downgrade it to the free version (which will no longer nag you about paying) by searching for the Downgrade command in the help system.

Here's a sneaky tip from me: the free version doesn't let you customise the toolbars by hiding the things you don't want. But if you tweak them before you downgrade, the changes stay in place! Neat, eh?

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Personally, I prefer NoteTab Light, for these specific features:
* It can take a block of text, broken into many lines, and join it all into one paragraph.
* Text statistics: count how many words are in the document.
To quote VelvetElvis, it can't hold a candle to Notepad++, but who cares? I don't need all the fancy stuff it does. But I do need the above.

Been using EmEditor in conjunction with Notepad++ for years now. Yes Notepad++ has much better features/addins (and free) but the massive plus for Em Editor is it's ability to open extremely large files which Notepad++ either can't or takes ages to do. The downside is after the free trial period you lose most of the features but if opening extremely large files is something you need to do from time to time (i work in data operations) then you must install this. After trial period expires you can always completely remove and reinstall to get trial features back if desperate for them.

It doesn't look like the free version can hold a candle to Notepad++ feature-wise. Not much in the way of features compared to its bigger brother either, based on the following:

What makes this editor better than say Notepad+++ and regularly updated as well and free too?