Text Editor Helps Kids Reach Their Word Count Target


When you need to write some notes, and if your PC has an internet connection, it's often easier and quicker to fire up a web-based service instead of hunting around the desktop for a suitable text editor or word processor. Especially if the PC is not your own.

Javascript Character Count (www.jscharactercount.com) is a web-based service which is ostensibly a pretty way of counting the number of characters, words and paragraphs in a chunk of text. But it's actually also a really nice interface for writing, especially if you want a clean screen layout and if you need to know how many words etc you're writing.

This can be useful, say, if one of your children has been told that they need to write a 700-word essay as a homework project. One half of the screen is used as the editor window, while the other shows the stats in a constantly-updated fashion. So both you and your child can watch as the word count gradually rises (at which point perhaps they may earn a reward).

Of course, because the system is web based, your text won't be saved once you close your browser (and there's no built-in feature to save your creation anywhere). So you'll need to copy and paste the text into something like Windows Notepad once it's written, or email it to yourself. Which is perhaps an acceptable price to pay for a writing interface which is actually incredibly easy and friendly, with no distracting features.

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Spell checking is in US English with no options to change

Caution: On my system at least it does not count the Enter key (line break) or even an empty line as a paragraph.
I wonder what is wrong with my system - or my settings.