Tetra Blocks


Tetra Blocks

Play this authentic Tetris clone with smooth gameplay, crisp graphics and nice music.


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License: Free
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Tetris Game
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Most authentic Tetris gameplay, 2 player on one PC (friendly mode or battle mode), Crisp graphics and nice music.
Not possible to turn the 2nd Player Screen off in 1 Player mode.

Our Review:

Play this authentic tetris clone Tetra Blocks with smooth gameplay, crisp graphics and nice music. You can also play against one of your friends in the 2 player mode.

Either in friendly mode (only score counts) or battle mode (send the cleared lines over to attack), for a bigger challenge, play both players at once yourself. WASD for left player and cursor keys for the right player.

It's more challenging and fun than playing only on one side with this game.

Tetra Blocks was reviewed by on based on version 1.54.