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Seamless Windows integration | Easy install and usage | Simple and elegant GUI and design
Transfer speeds | Resource usage

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I recently used the 2.22 version of TeraCopy. I've seen a lot of complaints about stability with this program and so I decided to push it to the limits. Full on 21.7GB transfer of small files, pausing and resuming of said files, follow-up verification of the total transfer, and killing and re-starting of the same transfer. I will say that these features worked as intended on my setup which is Windows 7 x64 Home Premium.

While this program is a beta, the features I tested performed as they should on my setup. My results are as individual as they come because obviously I cannot account for every variation but the method I used involved TeraCopy as the only program running. Even when I wasn't 'harassing' it by pausing and resuming, my setup is RAID 0, I tried copying small files and one ridiculously large file several times. Each time it did exactly what I asked it to do. The file verification also reassured me that everything transferred correctly even if I did manually verify later.

I personally switch file copiers because I want something faster and more reliable than the Windows copier. In this respect as a Windows copier replacement TeraCopy still shines. I will have some people I know test this program and see if they run into any problems that perhaps I could not. But I still have to say that this is the most actively developed and impressively integrated file copier out right now.

The fact that they have a freeware version that works with Windows 8 x64 and smooth total integration still makes this one of the best file copiers I've used to date. Which is why it remains a contender for the top spot. If a new release ends up equaling FastCopy on speed, resource usage and stability, then you all will be seeing a new top spot recommendation from me.

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Having tried a couple of these copy programs I honestly don't see any point in switching from good old crappy Explorer, I've seen so many reviews touting Teracopy but in truth any increase in speed is not really noticeable, and Teracopy sucks with larger files - it works sporadically and hangs sporadically....
I'm using Win7 premium

There's a lot to be said for sticking with the built in Windows tools, especially the firewall. For security reasons I use Linux on a daily basis. I have an external drive packed with video and audio files that I then play through my Samsung 4K UHD TV. With the constant changes to data on this drive, from time to time the TV either fails to recognize the files or they play but with constant breakages to sound/video. Using two third party drive tools previously either made no difference or made it worse so I could no longer see the files using Linux either. Plugging the drive into my Windows laptop however and running chkdsk followed by Windows defrag takes some time but works every time. MC - Site Manager.