A fully functional MIDI composer, sequencer and recorder.


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Easy to use and very light on system resources.

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Temper, the current offering from AngryRedPlanet, is a fully functional MIDI composer / sequencer / recorder.

Ease of use: A very polished product, Temper has undergone a long process of evolution. It is the newest incarnation of Sequitur, and has a very clever and user friendly GUI. I was composing on it in next to no time with no major problems. This application will also host VST's, but only when an ASIO driver is installed on your machine. There are various ways of recording with this app, again depending on your setup. If you get stuck, there is a full online manual which can also be downloaded and integrated into the application help facility. Added to that, there is a forum on the AngryRedPlanet website.

Functionality: Temper works straight out of the box and has over a hundred onboard sounds, so no need to worry about VST's right away. The pattern editor, config panel and sequencer occupy the same window, which makes everything nice and accessible. Sounds can be switched easily, and without VST's the confusion factor is limited: I consider this to be a good thing, at least until you know what you're doing. Effects can be applied, but without VST's you are limited to what's onboard: again, this is not a drawback thanks to the selection of available sounds. The cut and paste facility in the pattern editor is a major time saver, and this extends to cut and paste across different tracks which is a nice feature. I particularly like the graphic note indicator / finder.

Performance: This is so ultra-stable and durable on my laptop, even with several layers of sound, I haven't even tried it on my pc: no need (I will be road testing this app as part of a full suite of freeware recording apps).This is great to play with on a laptop, but for serious use it should be run on a serious machine with a proper sound card and an ASIO driver installed. Excellent freeware. The longer I play with it, the more I like it.

This product is not licensed as freeware, but fear not and I shall tell you what the developer told me:

Temper's been on hiatus for awhile and I've been debating what to do with the license. I currently think of it as donationware -- you can do anything you like with it, and if you end up using it, I'd appreciate payment.

and goes on to say:

Buying a license removes the nag screen and gets you a couple of esoteric features that likely no one but me has ever used. If I suddenly found out someone was using it to make commercial music without a license, my reaction would be closer to 'cool' than 'money please'.

Many thanks to Eric Hackborn @ AngryRedPlanet, your generosity is appreciated by all here at Gizmo's.

Temper was reviewed by on based on version 1.4.