A simple and secure communication app that's open source and synced across multiple devices.


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User privacy, secret chat; send files up to 1GB; send multiple images at once; create discussion groups up to 200 participants; needing only one registered phone number.
Problems encountered due to constant updates and fixes.

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Telegram is a cloud-based communication app supporting multiple platforms. It can be accessed and used from different devices with the advantage of needing only one registered phone number. Its creators claim that user privacy is safe and that they will never give personal information to any third party. If you have doubts about any of the app’s functions, it is good to know this is an open source app, which means its code can be audited (just in case, you know).

Once you have installed Telegram, it will look into your contacts and then list the ones you can communicate with through the app. Once you send a message, a green check mark appears next to the text. At the time that the message is read (i.e. the application has been opened and the text has been seen on the screen), a second checkmark will appear.

Secret Chat

Any message you send through the app is encrypted, which makes it harder to spy on. On this respect, Telegram offers a bonus to all users who both value privacy and confidentiality above all things: the “secret chat” option. This option works by encrypting secret messages that leave no trace on the application servers. They can also self-destruct using a time trigger of your choosing.

Access to these chats is only possible from the same device from which has been initiated, thus preventing prying eyes from another terminal (you know who they are, right?). Secret chat notifications do not appear with the received text, as with the normal chat scheme, but only a warning message will appear on your device. Once such conversation is closed, you may no longer send messages to that contact unless you start a new secret chat session.

Send Images and Files

Telegram’s main functions do not end there, because it lets you access your message history and content from different devices. You can send files up to 1GB in size, send multiple images at once and even create discussion groups of up to 200 participants. Additionally, you get free and unlimited cloud storage for your data.

Using the app’s options, you can enable or disable the animations, customize the sounds and the notifications (for groups or individual contacts), block unwanted users, change the chat background and turn on/off the automatic download of pictures and audio messages. You can also change the font size from 12 to 20.


There is always room for improvements, and Telegram is aware of that. There are constant updates and fixes and I faced no major problems except for the time when I tried to send a somewhat big file (100MB) for testing purposes. It took me 3 failed attempts, but it finally sent the file on the fourth one. Some users were complaining about problems when uploading their profile picture, luckily I didn’t. In any case, things like that can be solved and should not be considered a deal-breaker, especially when you think about the the benefits you could get when it comes to security and privacy.

Because of its open-source nature, there are some unofficial apps that can be downloaded from the Play Store but I faced some random problems while using them. If it was just me or it is a common thing I cannot tell. I faced no connectivity issues with the official app, though.


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