Technical? Looking For A Good Free Terminal Prog? This One's Great.


MobaxtermConnecting to one computer from another, across your home network or the internet, requires a program known as a terminal. Depending on whether you want full Windows graphical remote access to the other machine, or just a command line, you will need to choose what sort of terminal program you need. Or rather, which language or protocol your program supports. For example, FTP or Telnet or SSH or RDP.

Having recently set up a new computer on my network, which I wanted to be able to access remotely via SSH and RDP, I spent some time looking for a good terminal program. And I found one, which is top-quality and also free for non-commercial use.

The app in question is called MobaXTerm and you can download it from as either a portable or installable utility. The download is around 28 MB. As you will see from the download page, it costs $49 but is free for non-commercial use. So it's a great addition to your toolkit if you're technically minded.

Web of Trust rates the download site as reputable. VirusTotal also found no issues with any of the 57 malware scanning engines it uses.

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Good find, Rob. I used this to replace superputty for my network simulations.

Or this one, 100% Free for everybody, no excuses, no personal or "non commercial" traps, less than 1 Mb in size, still old putty underneath, though, but the multitabs help a lot.

MTPutty - MultiTabbed Putty or TTY+

Try Bitvise
Best I've found and it's free