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License: Free (Private/Educational use)
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Quick download and great reliability as well as loaded with the features you would most likely need while accessing a computer remotely.
Leaves a reminder window on the host and local computer about using the product - for personal use only. This product is only for personal use and using it for commercial purposes violates the use policy.

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TeamViewer is very reliable, allows both attended and unattended controls and has great features.

There is a portable version of the viewer if you want to use an application or they also have a web-based control site that requires no installation to remotely control computers. The web-based version uses HTML and Flash, so it is usable even if the browser or firewall doesn't allow Java or ActiveX.

TeamViewer is a commercial product and is only free for personal use. Any commercial use is prohibited by the TeamViewer use policy.

Read more about Attended and Unattended Control Sessions.

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I support a number of people (I live in a mature adult community) and I do not get paid for my services, its volunteer. About a year ago, TeamViewer determined that I must be commercial; Im presuming because I had about 35 computers in my access list (7 of these systems were mine). They now limit my connection sessions to 5 minutes, with a wait time of 10 minutes between each session.

This was a wonderful tool and I miss it but Im not willing to pay for a licence to support users I do not charge. And I dont want to absorb the price of this volunteer work.

I dumped TeamViewer and now use google remote desktop for clients that have a google account or I use the Windows Quick Assist. I no longer have the ability to access unattended but thats not a problem since now I just require the users to be there when I access the systems. A bit inconvenient for them but thats what they have to deal with for no charge to them.