TClock Light


TClock Light

A vastly improved replacement for the standard Windows tray clock.


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License: Free
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Tray Clock Replacement

Pros & Cons:

Many enhancements - tiny footprint - many language packs available.
Help file could be better.

Our Review:

TClock Light is a vastly improved replacement for the standard Windows tray clock. It provides all the benefits of the original as well as many enhancements and a number of useful additional features. It achieves this with a tiny footprint and doesn't even require installation.

Given the tiny size, the power of this program is most impressive. Less impressive is the help file which is brief and not particularly helpful. However, the program is so well laid-out and simple to use that it's not really an issue.

You might get a warning from your security software that TClock is potential spyware. It's not. It's just picking up the fact that it modifies explorer.exe to display the clock.

The software was created by Kazubon and officially supports Windows 2000 and XP only. It is now no longer supported by the developer, but you still can get it from a third party website.

TClock Light was reviewed by on based on version 040702-3.