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Identical to FreeTaxUSA.

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Bookmark feature. Mixture of interview and form input. Many of the screens mimic the forms. The program is noticeably quicker than others, e.g. less of a delay between completing one screen before the next appears.


Doesn't calculate simplified method for employee pension contributions (does refer user to appropriate IRS publication). Doesn't calculate medical mileage amount (did provide instructions to calculate these). Doesn't calculate whether state tax refund is completely taxable (does ask questions to determine if some was taxable and does provide a pdf worksheet to calculate the taxable part). Doesn't calculate estimated state sales tax for Schedule A (does refer user to IRS calculator).

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Is a web service or web application

TaxHawk and FreeTaxUSA are identical except for the name and styling differences. Indeed an account in one carries over to the other. Uses a mixture of interview and form entry process. I liked the ability to bookmark sections. Navigating was accomplished by tabs at the top but was limited to entire sections of the return, e.g. the entire Itemized Deductions Schedule A section. No form navigation provided. If you have a 1099R with taxable unknown and employee contributions then you must calculate the simplified method yourself. They do provide a link to a downloadable PDF to guide you through it. Doesn't calculate estimated state sales tax for Schedule A. Does not calculate medical mileage amount (did indicate how to calculate this yourself).

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