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TaxACT offers two versions. TaxACT Free Edition is the only free tax preparation program for download. TaxACT Free Edition Online is the online version of the same program. Both versions are virtually identical except that the download version is limited to only one return and the online version lacked the form view section at the bottom of each page.

TaxACT is the easiest of the rated programs to navigate. Also every form calculation tested was directly supported.

I found the step-by-step interview process to be straightforward. I liked the help screen display on the right. I could easily add a mini-schedule to any numeric field which would be very helpful in recording the details of an entry for later recall.

I could easily choose between step-by-step guidance and quick entry. The quick entry popped up a form similar to the actual IRS form. This would be very helpful for anyone who wants to save time and is already familiar with the specific section.

I could bookmark sections I wanted to revisit. Navigating back and forth is easily accomplished by either selecting jump to topic; selecting the tab, sub-tab, and review for the appropriate section; or by directly selecting the forms in the forms view.

The form view section at the bottom of each page of the download version was very helpful. I could make entries directly in the form. However this would not bypass any of the step-by-step interview like the quick entry selection would.

College Student Financial aid worksheet.

Small business, capital gains, rents, or farm income not included in free version.

No provision to apply portion of refund against next years taxes.

State returns are not free.

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