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Task Coach

A fully featured and excellent task management and time recording application


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Pros & Cons:

Data stored in XML format, create sub-tasks within tasks, multiple customizable categories, set alarms and recurring reminders, priorities on different tasks and sub-tasks, detailed task capability, and more.
No export to CSV format, no GUI or other reporting capability.

Our Review:

Task Coach is my personal top choice for features alone. It is an excellent task management and time recording application, and the most complete and fully featured application reviewed here.

Task Coach goes much further than simple time-keeping. It is a fully featured task management package with the ability to create many levels of sub-tasks within tasks, and customizable color coded categories for different tasks. Tasks can have priorities, due dates and alarms set, and you can very easily track the time spent working on any task by simply right clicking it and then selecting either Start or Stop Tracking Effort.

Time tracked in sub tasks is totaled in the highest level task, and logged in individual sub tasks. Entire trees of tasks and sub tasks can be marked as completed or uncompleted. Detailed descriptions, notes, budget and revenue tracking, file attachments and even date based reminders are all supported.

While the authors caution users to backup data regularly as the software is actively developed and may contain bugs, I have found Task Coach to be stable and reliable, as well as very easy to use. Data is stored in XML format so it can be easily backed up and extracted, if necessary. Like TimeTool, Task Coach will continue to log time even if you shut the program down, so if you need to conserve the memory it uses while working, you can start the application, start tracking time, and shut it down. Start the application again later and stop tracking time and you will have all the detail you need.

Two things that other applications do that would make good enhancements to Task Coach are the ability to export to CSV or other text files for easy import into a spreadsheet, and the ability to create reports and graphs of time spent on various projects without drilling into the Task Coach detail.

Besides the desktop versions that are completely free for Windows, Mac OS and Linux, the application has also been ported to iOS and Android. The Android version is free but the iOS version carries a small price tag however.

Additional software required: None for Windows, but Python source is available and you can run it from source if you have a Python interpreter and wxPython installed. For Linux you will need Python and wxPython windowing libraries.

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