Take Control of the Position of Icons on Your Windows 10 Taskbar



TaskbarX is a free portable app for Windows 10 that allows you to center your taskbar icons for a dock like feel.

The app displays your taskbar icons in the center of your taskbar, whether it’s on the bottom, top or side of your screen. There’s an option to center your icons or align them at a certain offset from the center.

TaskbarX can center your taskbar icons and alter the look and speed of your taskbar icons with transparent, transparent gradient, blur, opaque or acrylic effects. There are several animations and speeds you can choose from, or turn off animations altogether.

TaskbarX also supports multiple taskbars. To change settings and make TaskbarX run at startup, open the "TaskbarX Configurator" listed in the Start menu, select Taskschedule, Create, and then Apply. A popup with a message saying Taskschedule Created will appear.

You can download TaskbarX as a portable zip file or a Rainmeter skin from GitHub or the Microsoft Store. The advantage of using the Windows Store is automatic updates and the $1 dollar price tag helps support the developers.

TaskbarX runs on Windows 10. VirusTotal returns a few entries (probably due to the program being portable) while other sites find no issues.

If you like a clean dock like look and your taskbar icons centered to your preferences, give TaskbarX a try.

Download TaskbarX from the developer

Download TaskbarX from the Microsoft Store

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Now, could someone please come up with a utility to automatically sort Taskbar icons alphabetically?

"...though if you're like me and have a taskbar full of icons, centering them doesn't make a large change."


23 on mine. SOme of which i use every day, some of which i use often enough to like to keep them handy.

Exactly. :)

Easy install, but not sure what it is doing.

It arranges the icons on the taskbar so they are centered, much like a Mac computer. You can control the spacing, or have the icons open closer to one side or another. You can change the appearance of some items. To make those changes, open TaskbarX Configurator in your Start Menu. You'll find the options there.
It does unclutter the taskbar nicely, though if you're like me and have a taskbar full of icons, centering them doesn't make a large change.