Provides sync, sharing, 5 GB of free storage and software to sync files with the encrypted cloud storage.


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Simple to install and simple to use. Clean and powerful with proven encryption. File versioning. Easily tailor what you want to sync and store on each of your devices. Sync and their servers are Located in Canada (no Patriot Act). Also has the "pluses" of Type 1 encryption as referenced in the Introduction section of this article.
The (minor) "minuses" of Type 1 encryption as referenced in the Introduction section of this article.

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Sync, a fairly new encrypted cloud service located in Canada (no Patriot act). It is similar to Tresorit and SpiderOak, providing sync, sharing and storage. You get 5 GB of free storage, along with software to sync files with the encrypted cloud storage (or, you can use the cloud interface associated with your account without installing anything). You might use up the free 5 GB pretty quickly, but 500 GB is surprisingly affordable.

Sync employs Type 1 encryption for the cloud (defined above in the Introduction), including its pros and cons. Files are not encrypted on your synced devices, but are always encrypted (2048 bit RSA, 256 bit AES, SSL and TLS) for transmission and storage in the cloud.

Sync has the most straightforward installation & cloud setup I've experienced. Every step of the process, including installing the software was perfectly clear and presented in a smooth flow. You can easily have Sync up and running in under three minutes. The process creates a special "Sync" folder on your device and your "web-panel" in the cloud. You can upload/download files directly from the cloud or work with them in the installed Sync folder.

Sync allows "selective sync" so that you can choose which folders are stored on each device. This lets you keep just the files you need on devices with limited storage. Sync also has a unique cloud management feature that sets it apart. They provide a "Vault" section in the cloud where you can copy or move any of your files or folders. These files are available from the cloud (only), which means none of them take up space on your devide(s). You can temporarily access just the ones you need at the time you need them.

Sync was reviewed by on based on version 1.1.7.