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Goodsync ( is a Windows program which works rather like the Dropbox software, except that it doesn't just sync your files to Dropbox.  

It can sync them to an ftp server, or Dropbox, or to another PC, or to your smartphone, or to just about anywhere else.  And it can do it automatically, whenever a file changes, or on-demand when you want it to.   This makes it brilliant for a number of things.  Firstly, if you maintain a web site that involves uploading HTML files to a server, just keep the files on your PC for ease of editing and have Goodsync upload them to the ftp server every time you change something.  Or, schedule Goodsync to copy your documents from your work PC to your home machine every evening at 5.30, so they're waiting for you when you get home.

The full version of Goodsync costs around $30.  However, the 30-day trial version reverts to a free-forever limited version once the trial period expires, which still allows you 3 sync jobs of up to 100 files each.  Which might well be plenty for the specific task you have in mind.

Goodsync is a 22 MB download and the program is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.



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If you want a 100% free Sync Tool that is Non-cloud based, I have been using Microsoft's Sync Toy for over 7 years. It's an amazing tool and super fast. I use it to sync my photos to USB Memory Sticks and USB drives. Find it here -

+ best all-around freeware solution for personal use.
+ free for "moderate" personal use (not just 30 days trial) Heavy personal users need to purchase the pro version.
= same features as goodsync (except for p2p)
= same interface as goodsync
= same portable option
+ provide ability to combine more than 2 sides to each job
in particular, you can use it in conjunction with freessh and freesftp to securely transfer over internet (with some dyndns and using different ports for each machine behind the same firewall...)

It is pretty easy to set up, even with FTP to my website. Only two complaints about it: 1) If you cancel a synch job in progress, it will not correctly recognize which files were previously synched, reverting instead to time stamp. 2) No ignore option. You can tell it not to copy either side, but it keeps telling you there is a conflict.

1) if you cancel a synch job in progress, GoodSync should be fine as it keeps a state file of the progress. You have multiple options to pick from for the comparisons, if time stamps is not enough you can have it perform a hash of the files.

2) you have 2 places to define ignore options, one global and one per job:
- right click on the job name
- select options
- select filter
- put your names and patterns in the exclude filter

A free alternative is AutoVer which provides real time backup with most features that are often desired.

It doesn't seem to support cloud/WebDAV though as far as I can tell. It looks like it's more of a traditional backup application rather a "sync" one, slight difference.

This software is from the same company that sold Roboform under "free lifetime upgrades" promise and then broke that promise to existing customers in 2010 and now charge those customers to upgrade Roboform.

They also removed the export function in Roboform to discourage moving to competing software.

I think everyone should know about this company's checkered past.

It's too bad that the free version is so limited.