Suspicious Windows 7 Update? It's Only Microsoft.


Windows rogue update imageMicrosoft rolled out an update to all Windows 7 machines yesterday. Unfortunately, it was a test update that was never meant for public circulation. The company says it's harmless, and is in the process of releasing another update which should delete the first one.

So if you have been looking at your list of installed updates recently, and noticed one whose name consists of dozens of random characters, you can rest assured that your machine hasn't been hacked. It's merely a Microsoft boob. You're best leaving it alone, so Microsoft can deal with it, rather than trying to remove the rogue update yourself.




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I hope someone that has it will unpack it and see what it actually contains.

So when someone contacts Microsoft support to get an explanation for the latest screw up, should they ask for Larry, Curly or Moe?

Yeah, I disabled updates for my Win7 and Win8 machines, and I plan to go to a different OS when I get my next PC. Oh well.