Surf In Peace With Soothing Background Sounds


If you find it hard to work in silence, and you can't find a radio station that gives you the soothing sounds you need in order to relax, then take a look at a web site called Sound Drown (  Choose from a wide selection of background recordings, such as coffee shop, night time, waves, rain, birds and more.  Enable or disable each sound individually, and adjust the volume of each one too, to create an ambience that's just right for you.  All from the comfort of your web browser, with no software download necessary.

It's free to use, so check out, turn on your speakers and relax.




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Some of the sounds are very good. I didn't see a way to download any, though. When I went to the web and tried some of the sounds, they worked fine, and then once paused, would not go back on. Sounds were high quality, except the train,
and I would be happy to use them if I could figure out how.
Kinda buggy, but everything except the train seems to be on track for a great experience. oops...

Nice pictures but no sound. Anyone know how this works?

My does something similar.
* Free and ad free (not even a tip jar),
* Low profile,
* No registration required,
* No net connection required other than for download,
* Runs from a flash drive.

Thanks but prefer the standalone programs like with an alarm. Also soundrowd selections need to be check off when select next one or they mix together. Why not turn off prior one when select another? Sounds are just too ragged. Review mentions that fact and found it true.

This is a keeper - thanks

I dare say there are others but Coffeeshop is a find . . .


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