A great and interesting financial calculator runs across platforms in Java


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Tape has many features including the ability to customize output view and format, small file size.
No scientific features, help file only shows formulas, feature use online only, no in-product help.

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SuperbCalc is a great and interesting financial calculator. This program runs in Java so it works across multiple platforms either Windows, Mac OS X or Linux that has Java Runtime Environment installed.

Download and save the program superbcalc.jar into a folder or on your desktop, right-click and open it with Java, you should then be able to get the app running.

The sound effect mimics physical calculator operations and the buttons on the calculator resemble the numeric keypad of your keyboard. In fact, you don't need to use the mouse for most common operations as you can use the keypad instead.

SuperbCalc uses a tape that can be cut into a text window as many times as you need. The tape in unlimited length can be saved or printed.

I really liked being able to customize the size and appearance of Superbcalc. In particular, customizing the tape output is a really nice feature often missing in other calculator programs.

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I would not consider SuperbCalc a 'financial' calculator. No time value of money. No amortization schedules. Etc.

It is a cute '10 key' type of calculator.

I tried it on a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and it is so tiny as to be almost unusable. I was not able to find a way to make it show up larger.

I'd rank it 2 out of 5.