This Superb Online Photo Editor Is Free To Use


If you've ever lusted after a product such as Adobe Lightroom, which lets you experiment with different exposure settings etc in order to produce great-looking pictures, then I strongly recommend you take a look at a brilliant web site called Polarr as soon as you can.  Simply load up one of your existing digital images, then play around with all the on-screen sliders in order to get just the effect you're looking for.  Or to discover effects that you never knew existed, or that you were unaware could enhance (or ruin!) a picture.

Polarr is free to use, and you'll find it at in order to start using it.  It works with any modern web browser.

If you are overwhelmed with the available options and don't know where to start, the "I'm feeling lucky" button is a great idea.  Just press it a few times to explore a variety of settings and effects.



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Can not see that this program does anything better/different to Picasa
Wouldn't waste my time. There are plenty of photo programs around superior to this. If you want something complex but not that hard to use go for Gimp.

What's with the Sign up and get a password deal? I just want to play with a photo, not join a membership. No thanks.

Zoner Foto Studio is what I use for my photo editing and really quite pleased. Tried this editor out and it's really quite good but I'll stick with what I currently have. Don't want to go through any more learning issues.

Crashes ALL the time using Maxthon Browser! ... and also says it is $4.99 a month!!

It has some interesting tweaks, but they don't explain what some of them do so you just have to play with them. The integration with Dropbox and other cloud services is interesting. It would be handy if I used a Chromebook but I'll stick with DigiKam and Gimp.

It does not have much in the way of options and it crashes a lot in use. I think I will give it a miss.