Detects and removes malware without real-time protection in the free version


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Pros & Cons:

Simple functional menus, good cookie tracker, supports all browsers.
Free version doesn't offer real time protection, only scans.

Our Review:

SUPERAntiSpyware, also known as SAS, detects and removes malware. Installation is simple. However, the install offers a free trial of pro version which I declined.

After the program installs, the home menu page opens. I ran the quick scan which impressively found 65 tracking cookies and 2 malware files. Other menus provide custom scans, the ability to set trusted items and exclude folders.

There are more options to set specific folders for scanning, doing quick scans and complete scans. The menu screen has a preferences button, but also has check boxes for features only available on the pro version. These boxes are somewhat annoying as they look meaningful but are essentially promo buttons to upgrade.

The free version does not provide real time protection. SAS detected the footprint of two EICAR temp files from a previous visit to the EICAR website.

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