Sun, Sand, and Colorful Beach Chairs (Wallpaper of the Week)


This weeks wallpaper takes us to a warm, sunny beach - blue water, white sand and some colorful chairs to sit on. If you're in a part of the world that's been having some extreme winter weather this might be a good reminder of warm weather to come. Icons do quite well with this wallpaper.

White sand beach, blue ocean, and painted beach chairs

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Download Sun, Sand, and Colorful Beach Chairs Desktop Wallpaper

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I can not thank you folks enough for affording me these great resources.
The photo libraries are wonderful and I find myself getting immersed in them.


Oh Vinnie, you're more than welcome! We're happy you're here!

In my case, living in Brazil at the end of one of the worst summers of all time (the heat broke records this time), I would prefer some wallpaper that could remind me the COLD weather to come! X-D

Hehehe... around the world, so different weathers, so different people, so different realities and situations... but we are all in the same walk, sharing our experiences... thank you, rhiannon! ;-)

I'm in Teresopolis. Not so bad here as down the hill in Rio but the summer has still left us shirtless and breathless. :D Having lived in the UK though until 10 years ago, I'm not too keen to be reminded about cold weather, unless it's a Christmas wallpaper scene. MC - Site Manager.

Oh my God! I could ever imagine! X-D

Are you brazilian, Cowboy?

Nope. English born and bred but moved here some years ago. My wife is half Italian/Brazilian so between us we blend well into the Brazilian multicultural landscape. :D

Very nice! :-)