Create and solve sudoku puzzles with a clean design and intuitive interface


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Pros & Cons:

Cross-platform, clean design with intuitive user interface. Resizable up to 6x6 box, save and open, generator and solver.
Lacking redo/undo and print functions.

Our Review:

SudokuBan is a cross-platform application and runs on any platforms (essentially Linux and other UNIX-likes, and Windows) in which Python, GTK+, PyGTK are installed.

What I like most is its clean design and intuitive interface—you just need to right click a cell and select the numbers from a small pop-up window. Better still, you can opt to restrict the numbers that are available for a cell.

With the program, you can create a random puzzle in a standard size of 3x3 box, or increase the size up to 6x6 box.

The games can be saved in a standard text format and opened later to continue the game.

While playing the game, you can check if the puzzle is valid or solvable, or let the program find a solution. On the downside, it has no undo/redo and printing functions.

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