A well-designed puzzle game with intuitive user interface and useful features.


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Clean interface, multiple levels, pencil marks with auto-fill and erase options, intelligent helper, history and leatherboard.
Supported by ads, no import or export of game files.

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Sudoku developed by is a well-designed puzzle game app with an intuitive user interface and completes with four difficulty levels, from Easy to Extreme. To begin with a new puzzle, choose a level you like to challenge, or if you want to continue with the last game, just tap a Resume button as the app automatically saves your progress.

In this app, you can make use of a toggle button that allows you to switch between two entry modes swiftly. The “Cell First” mode lets you select a cell followed by digits, and the “Digit First” mode allows you to choose a digit followed by cells.

As needed by most average players, pencil marks are available with auto-fill and erase options to make your moves and find a solution easier.

If you sign in, you can upload your results to a global leaderboard to track your progress online and check your ranking against other players, or participate in a weekly Sudoku competition.

When encountering some difficulties in solving a puzzle, you can resort to its helper that uses logic to find the next logical move. With the helper, you can flag incorrect values that conflict with the solution, but all puzzles solved using the helper are not eligible for upload to the leaderboard. Fair enough.

Other features of the app include unlimited redo’s and undo’s, a timer to record time spent in solving a puzzle and various settings, but there’s no support for import or export of game files.

This game app is supported by ads, either an in-game banner or a post-game full-screen ad at your choice. It also has a premium version that will set you back a few bucks if you don’t like ads.


A Perfect Puzzle Game to Hone Your Logical Thinking Skills

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