This Stunning Online Publishing System Is Currently Free To Use


If you've ever tried to produce a "designed" document such as an advert, flyer, invitation, brochure and so on, you probably looked at desktop publishing packages and then gave up.  They're all either incredibly complicated or incredibly expensive.  Or both, of course.

Which is why I'm hugely impressed by the launch of something called LucidPress, which is neither complex nor expensive.  In fact it couldn't be simpler to use, and it's free.

To start, head to and sign up for an account.  Then choose a template from which to get started, from around 75 that are available.  Each template is a complete, nicely-designed document, and you can see one of them in the screen-shot below.  Once you've chosen your template, just start replacing the dummy text and images with whatever you want.  The browser-based editor takes seconds to learn, and you can then starting typing and moving your objects (text boxes, images, etc) around the screen as required.

When you're done, copy your finished design to Google Drive or download it as a PDF to keep forever.  Simple.

LucidPress is currently free to use, though the company behind it has hinted that certain features may require a paid-for subscription in the future.  Until then, log in and give it a try, and you'll see just how easy it is to create something that looks impressive.




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Thanks Rob, looks pretty promising after the first short glance.
BUT what irks me to nowhere - and not only on this site:

What are graphics and web site designers thinking nowadays?
Grey on white background?
Just like in this very comment window while I am typing this!

Readability is way too close to zero.
Designer folk out there: Don't forget older, weaker eyes. We Oldies may well be more likely to spend a buck on something helpful than the young folk.
But if I have to strain my eyes to read... forget it!

haha, yes eikelein, I tell this to designers all the time. I have ditched otherwise great programs because they require too much squinting for frequent use.

Thanks again rob!
I tried it. Seems a very useful publishing system.
Of course, up to now I only made a brief test project but seems promising.