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Music streaming has become a popular trend as you can enjoy music tracks right away without the need to download them to your computer.

A popular app that allows you to stream and listen to music is Spotify that we’ve reviewed here. But if you’re looking for an alternative that’s equally competitive and popular among music lovers, get Deezer Music, which has millions of music tracks to stream from its server.

Being cross platforms, Deezer offers mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows, and is also accessible right away in your desktop browser at

Check out more details of this app from the link below.

Deezer Music



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When I went to it tacked on a /soon and said deezer would be coming to my country (USA) soon.

Why do you mention Windows 8, but not Windows 7 - it works fine in Win7.

It works fine Toktok in Windows 7 if you use the Web version. The app needs Windows 8 or newer.

Fine, thanks. But still the heading should include Windows 7, don't you think?

Comparing the free browser versions of Deezer & Spotify, Spotify wins on sound qualty alone. Deezer is streaming at 128kbps CBR mp3 which makes the treble sound a mushy mess. It's especially noticeable on cymbals and high-hats.

Spotify streams at 160kbps CBR mp3, which is just about good enough that compression artefacts are far less noticeable, and the cymbals and high-hats sound nicely defined and crispy. Spotify's browser option can be found here,

Not everyone is an American Seymour. A lot of us can't get Spotify and are pleased to hear of other music services.

Indeed, I live in England.

It seems that right now Deezer not yet available to these United States of America. It's taking "invitations" rather actual registrations.