Stop Unwanted Email for Free With This Great Temporary Email Service


Mailmask temporary email service

This free online service lets you create an unlimited number of temporary addresses that don’t expire unless you disable them.

It’s getting harder and harder to protect personal information online. Spam is ever present, your email address and other personal information is sold for advertising and other purposes, and unsubscribing doesn't always unsubscribe you.

Mailmask is a free browser based online service where you can create an unlimited amount of temporary email addresses that forward to your real email address. Replies use your Mailmask address, and aliases don’t expire unless you disable them. Mailmask has some great features:

• Instantly create aliases that don’t expire
• Replies are private and use your Mailmask address, not your real email address
• Accepts all email types and attachments (attachments, forwarded emails and HTML are counted as bandwidth use)
• Turn each temporary email address on or off whenever you like
• No browser extension needed
• No emails are stored
• Mailmask can be self hosted

Free accounts include 10 MB bandwidth per month (average email is 59 KB). If you exceed the monthly bandwidth you’ll get an email asking if you want to upgrade to the paid plan. Usage data is displayed on the dashboard.

The site is simple to use. Supply your real email address, enter the verification code in the email sent to your email address, create a user name and you’re good to go. Log in using your email address, no password or accounts. There can be a brief delay during the sending/receiving process. Logging in from a different device requires a new verification code sent to your email.

Mailmask has an attractive, minimal interface that’s mobile friendly (using a browser) and great features. The free plan should be fine for most uses, such as signing up for something when you don’t want to use your real email address.

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Mailmask looks very similar to the good old service which is completely free and has no bandwidth limitations at all.
I use spamgourmet for 17 years now. The best there is around in my opinion. Give it a try.

Thanks, I'll give it a try.

Just set this up and tested it. Looks like an excellent service. Thanks

You're very welcome, I'm glad you like it.

I'm slightly confused by how this actually works, despite having tested it out. If someone sends me unwanted mail to my real email address, how does this block it? How will I know what has been sent?

It doesn't block email to your real address, it provides an anonymous email address that you can share with anyone, send from, and reply from. To work, you have to send something using the Mailmask email/alias you created when you signed up. You can add as many email addresses as you like.

Gmail lets you forward emails to another email address. You set that up in settings. The thing to keep in mind when you reply to a forwarded address, you are sending from that forwarded address and will reveal your email address. If I want to reply to a forwarded email, I go into that Gmail account that was forwarded and reply from there.

Thanks, that is a good feature of Gmail. I've used it.

Another terrific service is

I've used e4ward for years and loved it. I'll give this one a go also. Thanks Rhiannon.

You're so welcome. :)

Thanks, that looks like a good one.

I have yet to try this, but it looks to be a terrific find. Thanks and well done Rhiannon.

I'm glad you like it, thank you.