Stop Ads On Your Windows 10 Lockscreen


If you don't want your Windows 10 Lockscreen to display ads, here's a simple change you can make so you won't see them.
I haven't upgraded to Windows 10 on any of my systems for various reasons. Seeing articles about an Operating System displaying ads in various places like the lockscreen, Microsoft 10's Edge browser and other places doesn't inspire me to make the change. It's quite sad really, since I've always loved grabbing the newest version of Windows to see what's new and different.

Prevent Microsoft from using your Windows 10 Lock Screen for ads

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How-To Geek has a better article which also describes what you can do if you want to keep using Spotlight. The article also has more complete screenshots and a link to a good article on buying high-end games from the Microsoft Store:

What are you talking about? I'm using Windows 10 on few computers, and have never seen an add on Lock screen. Actually I find it useful.

I can't blame Rhiannon for having reservations about Windows 10 but it seems odd that she would be tasked with writing an article about an operating system she doesn't even use. I understand this was Vic's area of expertise and with his retirement a void has resulted but still....

I rely on this site for most of my computing news so I'm glad Rhiannon picked this up because I had no idea the issue existed even though I only run Windows 10. I had planned to keep Windows XP, 7 and 8.1 systems running for testing but I soon trashed them because there are so many excellent features and products that I can only get with Windows 10. I haven't seen an ad yet, probably because Microsoft haven't yet rolled the ads out to all Windows 10 users. AFAIK, all Windows 10 users have got the ability to like or dislike the Spotlight images which includes the ads.

Our editors contribute whatever they feel will be useful and interesting for our readers. Inevitably there will be some issues, myself included, as most of my time is spent using Linux and the rest Windows 7. We are after all a community though and that includes you lot out there as well as us minions in here. Between us, feedback gratefully appreciated, we can usually manage to iron out most things. MC - Site Manager.

Thanks for the tip Joe. I bypass the lockscreen and boot directly to the desktop in Windows 8.1. It seems odd that an Operating System throws out ads..........

I am sure a lot of users have no use for the lock screen. Instead of bothering with finding a way to turn off ads, just disable the lock screen. See... Works on Windows 10 too.