Stitch MP3 Files Together Or Extract Audio From Video


If you ever need to join 2 or more MP3 audio files together, check out a free online service called, which will do the job perfectly.  Just click on the Add Tracks button to upload 2 or more files to the service.  You can then move the order of the tracks if you wish, as well as selecting whether each track will fade in or out.  When you're done, press the Join button and, after a short wait, your merged file will be ready to download.

The service is easy and simple to use, and is free.  And because it's online there's nothing to download.

There's no limit to the number of tracks you can uploaded, so long as the merged file doesn't exceed 750 MB.

If your audio is in a format other than MP3, then the system should cope just fine.  You can even upload video clips, from which the audio will automatically be extracted and added to the merged file.

To try it for yourself, head to



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Interesting and something I was looking for. I had some unexpected results and haven't yet checked with the website's people, but here's what I found:

I started with about eleven small-ish MP3 files created with a variable bit rate (VBR), maximum of 128. These are audio book sections. After using the website, the resulting single file was twice the size I expected. Turns out the file had a fixed bit rate of 256. Not sure why, but that's what I got.

I'll post when I have more info, or if anyone prefers to look into it themselves, have at it.

Still, a very good, easy to use site that is quick with good results.

Thanks, Rob!

Thanks Rob I had been looking for something like this. Great that you don't need to download it Thanks again

Nice tip, rob. Thank you! :-)