An easy-to-use tool to place sticky notes on your desktop with appealing interfaces


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Pros & Cons:

Elegant interface. No special installation instructions for portable install.
Simple function set, limited alarm and reminder functions.

Our Review:

If you want an application with appealing interfaces in a portable version that can easily be installed, and you don't mind a limited feature set, StickyPad may suit you.

The control panel of StickyPad is residing at the bottom right of the screen above the taskbar. From the panel you can set the appearance of notes, behavior of this program and configurable shortcuts to such other applications as Windows Explorer, Media Player, Notepad and a Calculator.

Right on a note, you can set a reminder, control the note, or email, print and save a note in text-based spn format.

Missing features include the ability to search your notes, and reminders for recurring events.

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