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Sticker Maker

A decent tool to turn images into stickers and build sticker packs of you own for WhatsApp.


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Get It: Android
License: Free (Ads)

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Add and edit sticker packs easily, support tray icons, sticker pack titles and author’s name.
Ads supported.

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Sticker Maker produced by Viko & Co. lets you create your own sticker packs for use on WhatsApp Messenger.

The user interface of this app is clean and simple, which allows for easy creation of stickers. Upon creating a sticker pack, name a sticker pack and its author, then tap the pack to add a tray icon and stickers up to 30 in a pack.

To add stickers, you can pick images from your gallery of photos, or take new ones with your device camera from within this app.

Some simple and easy-to-use editing tools are available from the app, allowing you to cut an image in a square or circular form, or use a freehand tool to crop an image. When done, simply save the sticker into a pack.

Besides this, the app also lets you add image files and transform them into stickers. The images that are ideal for use as WhatsApp stickers are to be in png format with transparent background, and 512 x 512 pixels in size. With the right images, you may tap "Select All" to save the whole image as a sticker, or a tray icon, to get good results.

Once you've added three or more stickers with a tray icon for a pack, you can then add it to WhatsApp from within Sticker Maker. Simple as that. At any time, you can re-edit a pack with this app and save changes to WhatsApp.

This is a pretty useful app for making and editing sticker packs of your own for WhatsApp. However, it contains a small ad at the bottom of the main screen and displays a full-page ad upon adding or saving a pack to WhatsApp.


Make Your Own Sticker Packs for WhatsApp Easily With This Simple Tool

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