Stay Safe - Update Your Java Installation Now


Oracle released a patch for Java today which fixes no fewer than 40 serious security-related issues.  If you have Java on your computer, then it's important that you install the patch or that you're already running the most recent version (Java 7, Update 25).  

If you don't, it's possible that hackers could gain access to information on your computer.  

So here's what you need to do.  Firstly, check whether you have Java installed on your PC.  The simplest way is to go to the control panel and then look in the Programs and Features section, or Add/Remove Programs.  

If you don't have Java, then you don't need to worry any further.  But if you do have Java, check that it's version 7 update 25.  If it's earlier, the simplest option is to uninstall it.  Then head to and install the latest version (which includes all today's patches) from scratch.

Of course, you may not need Java at all.  You could always uninstall it and then wait for a program to complain that it can't run without Java.  If no such complaints are forthcoming, there's no need to reinstall Java at all.


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Warning: Many people need Java for programs that run on their desktop but don't want the associated plug-ins on their browsers, for obvious security reasons.

After every update Java will re-enable all of the browser plug-ins, so it's necessary to do the rounds and disable them all again after every update.

For example on Firefox it's Tools->Add-ons->Plug-ins.

Firefox is my primary browser but I also have copies of IE and opera, so I'll need to look at them too.

Edit: It was a right bitch to find on Opera: Opera-Icon ->Page -> Developer Tools -> Plug-ins.

I just went to check which version I had installed and discovered I didn't have it installed at all. I have not missed it nor has any website given me error messages asking for it.

Somebody please explain why I need it. (grin)

Hi Rob
I uninstalled Java on both my laptop and desktop (notified by PSI Secunia yesterday - great prog) before installing the update from Java's own site. Both times Java opening Explorer to verify the installing but nothing happened! Went back to Java site 10 minutes later through Firefox and only then did it verify the update! F***ing Java I wouldn't have it on my machines except for my branchless,cashless bank insists on using it for its internet site. 4/5 Java updates this year !!!!!

I use Javara to uninstall and sometimes to update Java, but the problem with this update is that Firefox still has Java blocked someplace, so when you check the Java site to see if you have Java, the site says it can'r detect it. Java 6 is end of life, but it does not have that behavior.

BTW Javara is free with no malware and tests clean at
SecuniaPSI (also free) will also update Java when an update fixes a security problem.

Try going to Control Panel/Programs/Java. Click on the Security tab and make sure the "Enable Java content in the browser" checkbox is checked. Then you can run the Java checks at the website and download the latest version.

Then I go right back in to this checkbox and uncheck it. My default is to not allow Java. When I need it I go into Control Panel and allow it.

Thank you, that worked. I wasn't overly concerned about the Java vulnerabilities, as I run all browsers in sandboxie, but I would recommend the solution you are using to anyone who is not using a sandbox (or doesn't empty the contents of the sandbox frequently.

By the way, here is another free java cleanup tool from Java

Thanks for the heads-up. I agree with the Ninite; nice, clean installs with all the junk peeled off. I used Revo to ininstall, and finished up with Ccleaner. A very nice mini-suite!

An extremely easy way to get the latest Java is to use ninite dot com's excellent installer which avoids the possibility of nasties.

But don't forget to untick the box for installing Ask ... it's a b*gger to get rid of.

Done ... thnx for the reminder Rob.