Produces the best quality output with a small file size and good speed.


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License: Free (Open source)
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Video Encoder

Pros & Cons:

Good quality/size/speed balance, clean interface, many features, reliable, good presets.
Not designed to encode from optical disks directly, no auto-detection tools.

Our Review:

StaxRip is the Editor's Choice. I found it to produce the best quality output, with a small filesize and good speed.

Although there is no tool to analyze the source, the default settings are fairly good in most cases and the preview window makes it easy to choose the correct settings.

It is easy to set the quality/size/encoding speed of your output or to trim a video, and there are many tools available from the GUI.

It is important, when using StaxRip to manually detect interlaced, telecine or progressive input and to choose the settings accordingly. Although it is possible to encode directly from a DVD, it is recommended to copy it to the hard disk drive first.

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