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OFFTIME iconOFFTIMEIn the past year, if you were often interrupted by a call or notification when you wanted to focus on work or study, or inadvertently you missed out your close friends or family sitting right next to you when you were glued to your smartphone, then probably it's worthwhile to start this new year with this app that helps you unplug from the connected device.

This app called OFFTIME is developed by a young post-tech startup based in Berlin in collaboration with Humboldt University’s department of Psychology. It allows you to be more focused on the things that matter to you and cut down on smartphone addictions in this hyperconnectivity age.

It’s free and easy to use—set a time period that you want to take time off, and tap “Start”. During the off time, you can totally concentrate on your work while incoming calls are blocked and SMSes are muted from anyone, other than VIPs that you’ve allowed. If you find social media or other apps distracting attention, exclude them from access during the off time too.

In this app, some customizations are handy and available for free as well, for instance you can set an auto-reply SMS for blocked calls, or don’t block a second call from the same number if it’s within 3 minutes.

In case you’ve started off time for a longer period than you actually need, you can long press the screen and wait for 60 seconds to lapse before you determine if you want to disable it.

Additionally this app provides intuitive analytics of your phone and app usage, charting out how often and how much time you’ve spent on apps, calls and SMSes with your contacts during a day, a week or a month. It also gives you a score—the higher the value, the more focused you are. As guided, a value between 60 to 80 points means you have a balanced usage.

So if you want to be more focused and gain more self controls on smartphone usage, use OFFTIME to take time off from habitual endless connectivity.



For Android
Size: 3.2 MB


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The same can be achieved now in lollipop with priority mode , atleast the first part