Start Learning Windows 10 With A Free Book


Windows 10 book coverThe final release of Windows 10 will start to hit PCs at the end of July, and will be available to almost everyone as a free upgrade. A good place to start understanding some of the new and different features in this version is to check out a book by well-known journalist Ed Bott, called "Introducing Windows 10 For IT Professionals".

The book is currently published as a preview edition, pending the final version of Win10. It will be updated later on. You can download the current version as a free PDF file right now (and the updated version when it's finished, too). Just go to and you'll find the title listed. It's a 6 MB download, and of course you'll also need a PDF reader program installed too.





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Thank you, rob! :-)

That will be useful when my family, friends and customers asking me about Windows 10.

As for myself, I am VERY satisfied using XP (yes!), 7, Ubuntu and Mint.

Hehe, that's cool; however its time had passed. I (also?!) have teh Windows XP 64-bit Edition, but these days it's running (only) in Oracle VM VirtualBox. :)

*oh && ofc., Xubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) 2 !! :DD

Someone told me the 'free download' of windows 10 only lasts for one year, then you have to buy it, is that true??

NO! if you are eligible for the free upgrade then you never have to pay for it unless you fail to get the free upgrade during the one year free upgrade period.

Thanks for sharing the book. It might be useful for the family.

Yes, useful!.. Nice link(s), thanks!! x2