SSuite Gif Animator


SSuite Gif Animator

A simple gif animator, movie and slide show creator.


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Pros & Cons:

Simple and clean GUI, Small installer size, individual time intervals for each image.
Supports only jpg, jpeg, png and bmp images. Very limited functions. User have only control over frame speed in output.

Our Review:

SSuite Gif Animator has a very simple graphical user interface but not fully adjustable. It is good for very basic gif animation.

You can add/remove images, save list of images for future use, adjust frame delay time and position of frame.

It has a list feature which is something new and helpful for you to make a list of pictures and try different frame delay times by only selecting that list without adding images again and again.

Using it is not so easy as it takes some time to practice. I do not recommend it to a novice as it can be very tough for first time users. The program lacks main features and effects to make gifs impressive and it still needs lots of improvement.

SSuite Gif Animator was reviewed by on based on version 2.8.



I do not understand the comments left by the reviewer, one only has to load your favourite images, select the time delay between each image and then click on the create button. That's it, your GIF animation is created and ready to be viewed in any web browser.

How is this difficult to use? I would say it could not get any simpler than this.

Please explain yourself on how you used this application and what it was that was difficult to use?!!