Prevent and protect from the installation of adware, spyware and scumware


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Customizable block lists, doesn't use system resources by running in the back ground, does not affect browser performance or conflict with other software.
Not a removal tool, must update protections after updating lists.

Our Review:

SpywareBlaster is a prevention not a removal program but I felt worth mentioning here for its unique features.

What, no scan feature? That's right because this program doesn't need one. SpywareBlaster is all about prevent and protect. Heck this program doesn't even have to run in the back ground. It tweaks some browser security settings, adds some restricted sites and goes to sleep. Wake it up once a week to update the database, update the profiles and put it back to bed, that simple.

What kind of program is this? One of the least intrusive yet most powerful malware blockers available. SpywareBlaster has the smallest file size of the reviewed programs. The home screen opens letting you know protections are disabled. Run the update, enable the protections and you're done. Use system snapshot to create a restore point in case things go wrong.

SpywareBlaster is the only program reviewed to recommend this step. The tools option offers customer configurations and flash player blocking. Manually install updates and SpywareBlaster will prompt you to reset the protections. The unique feature of this program is its focus to prevent and protect from the installation of adware, spyware and scumware using the web browser rather than perform cleanup or drain system resources by running in the back ground.

Like virus definitions, SpywareBlaster updates a list of troublesome malware daily. This is why it's important to run the updates frequently for this program; recommendation is at least weekly. The paid version allows automatic updating.

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