A malware remover designed for basic use yet offers information for advanced users


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Real-time protection, protects one or more user profiles.
Scan didn't detect malware coded file, does not uninstall cleanly.

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Spybot is a malware remover. It is designed for basic use yet offers complex menus and information for advanced users.

After installation, the program will offer to create a whitelist. This process indexes files for faster scans and isn't recommended unless the host computer is known to be clean. For best results cancel this option, update the software, run a full scan then create a whitelist if all is clean.

After updating, I ran a quick scan which did not find my test file. The scan menu offers third party cookie blocking. The immunization feature interacts with the web browser to warn users of potentially harmful websites.

I tried to install Sweetpacks toolbar and Spybot put up a warning. Spybot's full scan will also check for rootkit malware. It detected the EICAR bogus website the first time, however it didn't detect the bogus malware/virus file downloads. Spybot also flagged a warning when I clicked on a 7-zip advertisement on C/NET.

Spybot works very well to warn of potential problems with links or websites.

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I have tried installing this several times, but the update stucks.

Spybot S&D was one of the best anti-malware programs 15 years ago but in my opinion has gone downhill ever since then and is simply not up to it nowdays and I am surprised it even rates a mention here.

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