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I'm back and will be bringing you reviews of hopefully useful and interesting apps. This week, I thought we'd start with some WOW factor. Something to really improve your productivity and make your life easier. Maybe even impress your friends as well.

Speech recognition has been around for quite a while and most people really don't know much about it. With the rise of Smartphones into everyday life, Google's speech technology is certainly being noticed. Most Android users will be familiar with Google Now, which allows you to talk to your phone and get information without having to type on a small screen, which isn't easy at the best of times.

Traditional desktop computer speech recognition systems have to be trained to understand a single user. If someone else spoke to it, the speech wouldn't be recognized very well, if at all. Because Google has access to such great computing power and billions of sound samples from millions of people around the world, the chances of getting good accuracy are pretty high.

Speechnotes is a new Android note taking and dictation app that uses Google's Speech recognition technology. It adds much extra value with the developer's Patent-Pending auto capitalization and auto punctuation features. They have added special fine tuning to improve recognition results. What this means is you get very accurate transcriptions and with little or no need to edit your spoken notes. You can use it offline as well. Click the link below to learn more.




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DIdn't work and as soon as I tap the mic it caused my phone to freeze. Rebooted same thing. Tried it on another phone and a phablet. Same thing. I followed the advice on the speechnotes.co page but never got the camera icon. All other apps (notetaking, Chrome, Whatsapp, Skype etc) are not having a problem with the mic. If I don't tap the mic I can type the punctuation, but otherwise, it's freeze, get the message 'wait or report' . I use speech-to-text a lot on the phones and was looking for something better. This is obviously not it!

That's not good ixan. But don't give up on it yet. The app works on Android

4.3 and up. Now, this is where it gets a bit confusing with the version numbers and names. Android Jelly Bean is versions4.1 – 4.3.1 so it's possible that the app will only work on the latest versions of Jelly Bean and above.


Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to troubleshoot your issue. The best course of action is to email the app developer. His contact email is at the bottom of the Speechnotes app page. If you hit the send button on the error you got, then he'll already knows about it.


Here are what you should include in your email. Maybe put 'Gizmo's' in the message subject. I do know this developer responds quickly because I had quite a few questions about the app while writing this review.


    1. Make and Model of Android device

    2. Version number of Android (found in device settings in the 'About' section

    3. Is the device standard or has been modified (custom ROM or root access)

    4. Describe in as much detail as possible what happens

    5. Anything related that may be relevant such as what other major apps.



As well as the above, why not paste in the same text you wrote in your comments to save a little time. As long as the Dev has the info he needs, that's the main thing.


I'm sure the developer can resolve this for you. It would be a shame to quickly discard a potentially useful app because of some fixable hiccup. I'd appreciate if you can inform me of the outcome please ixan.





My three devices are Kitkat, Lollipop and Marshmallow. I don't mean to be rude, but I don't see it as a shame to give up a potentially useful app as there are so many very similar ones on Google Play. Who takes time to write to developers with all that info when an app doesn't work or not as well as expected? People just find another one that does more or less the same thing. Thank you for your reply.

No problems ixan.   The point is this is arguably the best voice note-taking app available right now. If nobody reports issues, nothing gets improved. It's totally up to you what you decide to do. If it was me, I'd be wondering why it's working great for everyone else, but not me. What's different in my setup? That doesn't make the app a write-off.  We can only try :)





Very nice app Thanks. The next thing is to have some note management. i.e delete old notes
I made a note and while not perfect, it worked and went to evernote successfully

Great to hear! Hopefully the Developer can make the improvements in a coming version.



Thanks for the review of this potentially useful app. However, I have two questions/concerns:

A) When I clicked on the link given to the full review page, the Pros and Cons section lists the following Con: "No way to delete notes in-app." If that's the case, how are unwanted or old notes deleted, or do they just accumulate forever?

B) The bigger concern I have is that this app apparently "uses Google's Speech recognition technology." Since Google has a well-deserved reputation for violating users' privacy by acquiring, storing, and using the personal information of its users when they use Google apps, is it possible for a user to use this app (perhaps in offline mode?) without Google recording and storing every spoken/written word? For those of us who still remember and value the concept of privacy, this is a make or break issue.

It would be very helpful if someone can shed light on this.



Speechnotes doesn't have notes management features such as deleting no longer needed notes. I understand that the app Developer is well aware of this and plans to address it as soon as he can. At present, your only way to delete old notes is to use a File Manager app of some description. I expect that because text files are so small, that it's not going to become a storage headache. Let's see what the Dev has in-store in the next version.


Yes, you can certainly use Speechnotes offline. As I mentioned in the review, language packs can be downloaded from Google. How this is done depends on which version of Android you have. This means you don't need internet access for your notes to be converted to text. Quite a few folks just tap the Wi-Fi off button  or simply disconnect from mobile data to ensure their peace of  mind while using any 'Smart' device to deal with their private data. It also stops ads dead in their tracks if if the app you're using doesn't directly need the internet :)


I won't comment on privacy matters as each person has differing views on the subject.






Thanks for the prompt and helpful answer. As long as I can use Speechnotes privately offline, I'll give it a try. Thanks again for letting us know about this app and your review of it.


You're Welcome Yankiwi





Yes, the spoken commands are so handy. You may need to practice using these to get the hang of it. Here's a full list from the Developers website for everyone's reference.











Question mark




Semi Colon


Exclamation mark, Exclamation point


Dash, Hyphen


New line

New paragraph


Open parentheses


Close parentheses


Smiley, Smiley face


Sad face





How well does it do with non-English languages, I wonder?



I wasn't able to test that. It's my understanding that Speechnotes supports multiple languages.  The app uses Google's speech to text services, so technically, it should support any language that Google does. That's a lot :) So, Speechnotes will use whatever language you have set as default on your phone. Perhaps we'll get some feedback on that by users who are using other languages.


It appears to be so, according to the Developers other website.  The drop down list of  languages in the editor box is substantial, so I guess that answers your question.




Have a look at that site which mainly refers to the desktop  version. It will give you more comprehensive details about what Speechnotes can do, and much useful general information.





I gave it a test and its extremely good.

You can use commands like "new line", "comma" or "new paragraph"

Hello bernardz

Yes, it is versatile.  I posted a list of voice commands in another reply here.