Source Code To MS-DOS And Word Published By Microsoft


If you've been in computing for as long as I have, you'll remember MS-DOS.  And you'll also remember the first mainstream application that Microsoft released for Windows, namely Word.  Or, as it was called in those days, Word for Windows.

Today, in an effort to enable students to understand how software used to be written, Microsoft released the full source code for MS-DOS (versions 1 and 2) and also the first release of Word for Windows.

If you studied either of these programs in the past, and now relish at the chance to really understand how they worked, your opportunity has arrived.  The source code is freely available for you to do as you wish with (in a purely non-commercial sense, obviously).

You'll find an artlce about the release, which includes download links, at




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Hey David,

What size was the disk?

3.5, 5.25, or 8?

Would've been cool to try out in a VM?


Years ago I had a chance to buy a PC DOS 1.0 manual and disk for $25. I must have shown too much excitement because the seller backed out at the last minute and declined selling it for ANY price.

I would love to have gotten it.