Sort Any List Alphabetically Using These Online Tools


Alphabetize lists onlineSort most types of lists in alphabetical order with these online tools.

These six sites can quickly alphabetize many types of list of items, such as names and addresses, to do lists, words, wish lists, project planning lists, grocery lists, links, logs etc. If you've got a list of items, one of these sites should be able to sort it out, whether it's text, Excel or some other format. Some of the sites have additional useful calculators, convertors and counters.

Alphabetize is a good site for basic list sorting, this site sorts lists alphabetically A-Z, reverse Z-A, short to long, long to short, and removes duplicates. Case is ignored while sorting at this site.

The Alphabetizer
The Alphabetizer offers a good selection of sorting options, in addition to an A-Z sort lists can be alphabetized by last name, title, reverse A-Z, number, or letter. There's also an ignore option, adding text to the beginning of a list, strip HTML, add roman numerals, remove duplicates, make lists lowercase and capitalize titles.

In addition to the usual sort functions, (A-Z, reverse Z-A, number) appZaza sorts lists by word length, longest to shortest or shortest to longest. You can copy and paste data from most programs or documents including pdfs, xml, and json. The site also has a word counter.

Mini Web Tool
Mini Web Tool is the simplest online tool to alphabetize items. It has two sorting options, alphabetically in ascending or descending order. If you want a quick and easy tool with just a few options, this is a good one. The site itself has hundreds of online tools, convertors and calculators; financial, health and fitness, math, text tools, time and date, hash and checksum, a sort numbers page and several miscellaneous tools.

Text Fixer
This site handles large amounts of information in addition to sorting by A-Z, Ascii, reverse (Z-A), choosing input and out options, stripping HTML, and removing duplicates, punctuation and brackets. Other useful tools on the site are random word or number generators, removing line breaks, converting decimal to binary and more.

Word Counter
Word Counter has several good ways to sort text. In addition to the standard alphabetize A-Z, reverse (Z-A), and last name, there are options to randomize lists, add tags, add numbers and letters, add custom text, remove duplicates and remove HTML. The site has other tools as well, including a word counter and checking for keyword density. Use the activity tracker to count the number of words you write each day.

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