Some Neat Windows 10 Training Videos From Microsoft


Windows 10 training videoIf you're accustomed to searching Youtube when you need a video tutorial on how to perform a certain task in Windows, you'll be all too aware that most amateur attempts at creating technical tutorials are pretty awful. There are some notable exceptions, but the overall standard is not good.

So if you're looking for some top-quality technical information about Windows 10, and how to make it do things that you had never even thought about before, check out this course from Microsoft. It's video based, runs for more than 3 hours in total, and covers all sorts of in-depth topics from Azure to Storage to File Manager.

It's free, too, and you'll need nothing more than a web browser to view it. is where you need to go.

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Thanks again Rob.
The title is "Power Tools for Windows 10"!
It reminds me of past and very useful Power Tools for older versions of Windows


Thanks Rob, looks useful.