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This is the Credits section. Here you can see, the honoured fighters of Adware, who have brought them to light, and included them, to this ever growing list. They are credited along with the software, which they have brought into attention, and are correspondingly ranked along with the number of softwares they are entitled with.
Note: As for now, users who comment in this article, or on this thread with required screenshots will find a place in this hall of fame list.
[Occasionally, certain software are credited with more than one person, as updates to a software, could also involve changes in the installer and hence, distinguished with their version numbers]

Private (1)

  • AJNorth - Advanced Uninstaller Pro
  • Alexxx46 - MediaCoder
  • Sofired - CCleaner
  • Vicky12 - Antirun

Specialist (2-4)

  • 4goTTen21 - My Defragmenter, Defraggler
  • Anupam - Slimdrivers, DriverMax

Corporal (5-7)

Sergeant (8-10)

Lieutenant (11-13)

Captain (14-16)

Major (17-19)

Colonel (20-22)

General (22-24)

Commander (>25)

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