Snipping Tool


Snipping Tool

A screen capture tool built into Windows


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Pros & Cons:

Capture full screen, active window, rectangular area, and freehand region after launching program. Output to file or email.
No hotkeys, auto save, delayed capture, or auto-scroll. No printer output. Editor only allows highlighting and freehand line drawing.

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Microsoft's Snipping Tool comes already installed in Windows Vista and Windows 7. A capture must be initiated by first launching the program. From there you can select a screen capture type or press Escape and the PrintScreen button hot key.

Full screen, active screen, rectangular area, and freehand area selections are supported. No auto-save, auto-scroll or delayed capture.

Output is displayed in the editor window and sent either to email or an image file. The editor is limited to two tools--a freehand highlighting tool and a freehand line drawing tool. There is no printer output function.

It saves resulting images as PNG, GIF, JPG, & MHT.

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