It is full of rich features needed by professionals and yet very easy to use for any amateurs.


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Rich in features needed by professionals as well as amateurs, design well thought out, many easy-to-use filters, compare photos before and after enhancements, sharing.

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This app Snapseed is full of rich features needed by professionals and yet it's very easy to use for any amateurs either running it in a small screen on a smart phone, or in a large screen on a tablet.

The design of the app is well thought out. After you take a photo from your device's camera or choose an image file from your library, you can select one of the filters from the list, then swipe left and right on top of the photo to adjust what a filter does, or swipe up and down to gain more controls of the filters.

The filters include almost all you would ever need to edit a photo, such as Auto Correct, Selective Adjust, Tune Image, Straighten and Rotate, Crop, Details, Black and White, Vintage Films, Drama, Grunge, Center Focus, Tilt-Shift, Retrolux and Frames.

At any time, just tap and hold the Compare button and you can see the photo before and after your enhancements. You can then save or share your photo when you're happy with the results.

Besides designed for both iPhone and iPad, this excellent photo editing app is also available for Android mobile devices.


Snapseed - This High-end Photo Editing App for Mobile is Now Free

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