Snake Is Back. Play The Original Phone Game In Your Browser.

Today's mobile phones are powerful laptop PCs that have multiple gigabytes of RAM and can run highly complex apps.  But it's only a few years ago since things were very different.  At that time, a phone was, well, a phone.  You used it for making calls and sending text messages, and not much else.  No internet, and no apps. 
The market leader at the time was, of course, Nokia.  And probably the best part about those old phones was Snake - the one built-in game that came with just about every phone.
If you miss Snake, there's an easy way to play it.  Head to in your browser, and you're all set.  It's free, fun, and there's nothing to download or install.


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I can envision a day when all our grandchildren visit the Smithsonian to get a better understanding of the antiquated technology that we once used. Nokia will no doubt be one of the more popular exhibits.