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SmartQ Reader

A very capable PDF reader packs a complete set of notation tools that work great on mobiles


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License: Free
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Very capable PDF reader. Fast and accurate text rendering. Tablet and phone compatible. Packs a complete set of notation tools.
Won't work on phones with a screen resolution lower than 320 x 480 pixels. Some compatibility issues when reading comments and notations made with other apps.

Our Review:

The somewhat unknown SmartQ Reader is a very capable PDF reader, compatible with both tablets and phones and it packs a complete set of notation tools that work great.

Reading PDF files is really easy to the eye as it seems the app has been greatly optimized for modern phones and tablets. The downside of that optimization is that you won't be able to use this app if you have a phone with a screen resolution lower than 320 x 480 pixels.

SmartQ Reader can organize your PDF files in a shelf or list view, but you can use the built-in file explorer to look for that PDF you know is in your device, but does not show on the list (or you simply forgot where it was). The file explorer is not limited to local files, though, as it can be used to search other files and documents on the internet.

Once your PDF collection is complete, you can categorize your files according to your preferences using the included Drag 'n Drop method. If you have some files you do not want other people to see, there is an option of creating a special "locked" category that can only be accessed with a password.

The PDF rendering engine is fast and accurate; you can zoom in and out without problems and actions such as keyword searching, opening links or adding and removing bookmarks are smooth. Going to the next or previous page is a very easy task; just swipe the pages or use the four-way control that can be configured within the app. As for the text, you can copy, highlight, search, share or send it to translation and embed comments using the included notation tools. Even though SmartQ Reader lacks a high contrast mode to further improve reading, it offers black and white, classical and inverted display modes, which are definitely a plus, especially for visually impaired people.

SmartQ Reader is a powerful yet convenient PDF reading app and it is very straightforward. If you have a device with a good screen resolution you will see how good and efficient is the text rendering even on some old single-core processors.

The only thing that prevents us from rating it higher is that there are some compatibility issues with the comments and notations you do using SmartQ. Sometimes, some comments or notations show crippled. However, this didn't happen quite often and cannot be considered a deal-breaker, as SmartQ Reader is one of the best and 100% free PDF reading apps out there.

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