Smarten Up Your Documents With 100 Brilliant Free Fonts


Best Free Fonts

I often come across collections of free Windows fonts for download, but many of them are of poor quality so I tend not to write about them on this site.  But as a welcome change, here's one that's really good.  At you'll find samples, and download links, for 100 superb free typefaces that you can download for your PC.  Just grab any files that you want, right-click on a download, and Windows should offer to install it for you.  

Once you've installed a font you can use it in all your applications.  Your printer should also handle them just fine.

Remember, though, that if you send a copy of a document to someone else that uses a non-standard font, and the recipient doesn't have that font installed, it won't display properly on their system.  Check whether your particular application can embed the relevant fonts, if this affects you.  In the case of Microsoft Word, for example, see for instructions.




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I must be very unlucky. Clicked on 3 fonts I liked the look of, two required sharing on Twitter or LinkedIn (don't have an account with either) and the third required a payment, as in not free. Sheesh!

Indeed some classy fonts. Thank you, Rob.