This Small Portable Screenshot Tool Includes Annotation Tools


Sniptool screenshot program

Sniptool is an easy to use screenshot tool that packs a lot of features into a small portable package.

It’s easy to use the Windows built in PrintScreen or Snipping Tool to grab a quick screenshot, but if you need more than the basics give Sniptool a look.

Sniptool is a small, portable lightweight program that has most of the features that larger screen capture programs have. It has a modern, minimal and compact interface, the tools are easy to access and it’s unobtrusive. It has the usual screen capture and annotation tools so you can add text, arrows, numbers, shapes, blur or pixelate parts of an image, and combine more than one screen capture at a time.

Here’s some of the tools included in the program:
Screen capture:
• Region
• Window
• Freehand
(No scrolling capture feature)

Image tools:
• Add text
• Add blur (blurs selected area)
• Add pixel control (pixelates selected area)
• Resize
• Crop
• Rotate
• Flip vertical
• Flip horizontal
• Add shadow
• Add glow and four other filters

Drawing tools:
Marker, pen, rectangle, transparent rectangle, filled rectangle,
arrow, double arrow, ellipse, number buttons and filled number buttons.

The option to display a background of grid or vertical lines is helpful for layout, there's a beta option to start the tool with Windows, you can change the theme, and images can be saved in JPG and PNG formats.

Sniptool is a 600kb download, is portable, runs on Windows 7, 8, and 10, and requires .NET Framework 4.0. It’s free of malware according to VirusTotal and is a small but powerful addition to your screen grab toolbox.

Download Sniptool Screen Capture Tool

(h/t TrishTech)

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Greenshot is all you need. Has all this and much more.

I have and use Greenshot. It's a good program. I like this one more, it meshes almost seamlessly with how I work. Which is why it's good there are so many screen shot programs, one size doesn't fit all. :)

I liked the program until I found that there were no controls to enable arrows, even though they advertised that feature.

I'm not sure what you mean by enable arrows.

To create arrows, I open the editor, click on the arrow icon (single or double), choose a color and set line width in the pop up box, then click and drag the mouse to make a line with an arrow point, and release the mouse button when the arrow is where I want it to end.

If it's a different arrow feature you're looking for, I'm not sure what it would be. This is the arrow feature I'm familiar with in these types of programs. If I'm missing something please let me know. I'll be happy to amend the article.

I do not see an arrow icon. Here is a screenshot of what I see:

The two "bent" arrows do nothing related to creating arrows on my screenshot.

I tried clicking on the two "right-angle" arrows, but that did not give me the ability to draw arrows on the screenshot I had made. I kept playing around with the program for about half an hour, but in no way was I able to produce an arrow of any kind. The only attraction for me to this program was the arrow feature, such as the one that "Fast Stone" has, and its small size. So I uninstalled it. By the way, I am using Windows 10, with no problems associated with it.

Thank you so much for the screenshot. It looks like you aren't in the Editor section of the program.
Those arrows at the top of your screenshot are the forward and backward arrows, and you're right, they can't create the arrows you describe.

I took a screenshot of your screenshot. Along the bottom of the image are the function icons in the editing window. You can see the icons for creating arrows and and numbers and the drawing tools etc.
I can see why you would be frustrated, not seeing the right function icons to do what you want to do and I understand uninstalling it. I wanted you to see that the arrow and other image tools are part of the program and let you know that they are in the editing window.
To get to the editing section, after you create the screen shot, there's a menu at the top - the editing icon is a monitor with a pen. Clicking that will open the editing part of the program. I'm attaching an image of the Sniptool toolbar, the editor icon is the one that looks like a monitor with a pen inside.
Again, I truly appreciate you taking the time to respond and include a screenshot. Thank you. :)


The arrows are on the bottom of the screen in Editor mode

It doesn't look like the editing mode has been opened.

Thanks for all your help, rhiannon and rolandflorida. My problem was this: when the program was run, the editing window was so large that the bottom "taskbar" was below the bottom of my screen, so I couldn't see the tools that create the arrows! I didn't even know there was a toolbar there. So now I can see that the program works "as advertised"! Thank you for a great little program! --Frank D

"when the program was run, the editing window was so large that the bottom "taskbar" was below the bottom of my screen, so I couldn't see the tools that create the arrows!"

I hate when that happens. For me it usually hides the button to move to the next step.
Glad it is sorted out now.
This is a nice quick little program.

You are so welcome and I'm delighted you figured out the window being too large as the culprit.
I am appreciative you hung in there and provided screenshots and information so we could see what was going on and get it sorted.
It is a nice little program, lite on resources and easy to use. I have it pinned to the taskbar.

Just wanted to mention another of the upteen screen capture apps. I've been using PicPick Portable, but wanted something that loads a little quicker (we do get spoiled). Just yesterday, came across a portable freeware version of the now payware FastStone Capture. You can check out the last free version 5.3 over at
And thanks for all your tips, rhiannon.

I'll take a look at it, thanks for the tip.

There are a zillion screen capture tools, or so it seems somtimes.

I have been using it for more than 10 years.

I'd say that's a good recommendation. :)